Saturday, June 18, 2005


I am at sixes and sevens, trying to decide what to have for a late-evening supper here at Chez Elisson. SWMBO is still on the road with the Mistress, and they’re not scheduled to be back until late tomorrow evening, which means I can have whatever Nasty Shit they refuse to eat when they’re here.

Perhaps a nice, pungent chunk of Red Hawk cheese, alongside the remnants of the gravlax I picked up last week. A combination of scatly and fishy stenches that is truly hair-raising, it’s the kind of meal that makes the Listerine bottle run and hide in the closet, whimpering.

Hmmm. Wonder what else there is that combines those two particular aromas? I have my suspicions, but this is a family blog.

My family, anyway. Yours? You’re on your own there, Bunky.

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