Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Elder Daughter and boyfriend Kody were on their way back to Boston this morning after having spent the greater part of a week here and in Savannah with us. While at the airport waiting in the Interminable Security Line, she got the piece of good news she had been hoping for, and she immediately called me to share it.

She landed the job she had been trying to get.

It’s with an organization in Boston that produces videos, music, and media workshops. The pay isn’t tremendous, but the exposure and experience more than make up for it. More important, it will allow her to use the skills and knowledge that her college education gave her.

I am a proud and happy Dad.

And an unexpected piece of Additional Good News: the Atlanta airport was so slammed today, what with security lines and weather issues, that she and Kody missed their flight. Standing by on a later flight was not an option, with too many people trying to get on too few overbooked flights. So now they have confirmed seats on a flight leaving tomorrow no additional charge. One more night with the ’Rents!

I am an extra happy Dad.

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