Thursday, June 16, 2005


Just a reminder...

The Carnival of the Cats plants its furry paws on Blog d’Elisson this Sunday. Be sure to send your Kitty-Related Material to Carnival HQ using the new mailbox:

submissions (at) carnivalofthecats (dot) com

Even better, avail yourself of the convenient Carnival Submission Form, available through the fine offices of that most Conservative Cat, Ferdy.

Submissions will be accepted through 7:00 pm EDT (that would be 6:00 pm CDT), Sunday, June 19. If you prefer military time, that would be 1900 hours EDT, 1800 hours CDT, or 2400 hours Zulu. For a complete set of guidelines and FAQ’s, visit the main Carnival page.

I’d call it Lair Simon’s Magnum Opus, but he has so many Opuses going on at once, I have trouble discerning which one is the Magnum at any given moment.

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