Friday, January 28, 2005


I try to avoid overindulging in pastries and pies, due to an allergy from which I have suffered all of my life. When I eat pie, I break out in Fat-Ass.

But then, sometimes you just have to deal with the Occasional Rampant Pie Jones.

It’s my own fault, of course. If I am going to pay a visit to the Bakerina, I am just setting myself up to have to deal with Major Temptation. And I was not disappointed when I saw this excellent recipe for Shaker Meyer Lemon Pie.

No wimpy, everyday lemon meringue pie, this. No, this pie is made with whole sliced Meyer lemons, macerated in sugar for at least a day, and crammed into a flaky butter crust. I could not resist.

Shakerina Pie

My pie is not as pretty as the one Jen made, but, then again, who gives a crap? I’m purely an amateur at this baking business - it’s not like I grew up in a household where baking took place.

[My mother baked a cake - once. I can still recall its aroma (it was a spice cake), possibly because of the dramatic rarity of the event.]

Amateurs do what they do for the love of it, and I do love me this wonderful dish of intense lemony goodness. The Meyer lemons lend it a finesse that is lacking in regular stupid-market lemons. It is a happy, happy pie, and I am happier for having made it. It is sunshine on a plate, on a cold, sleet-raddled winter night.

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