Monday, January 03, 2005


to all the bloggity folks participating in the BoB (“Best of Blogs”) Awards. I’ve become acquainted with a lot of excellent blogs through this little exercise, including my fellow Daddy Blog finalists:

Got Twins?
Hey, You
Laid-Off Dad
oh no, the BLOG!
The Blue Sloth

Several of these guys were not on my radar screen before BoB came along, but now I’ve found some more regular reads. Dammit, just when I thought I could save time by using my Bloglines feeds...

The geniuses behind BoB had a good idea: help some of the lesser-known blogs reach a broader audience. The big political blogs like Instapundit, Vodkapundit, Daily Kos, Eschaton, etc., etc., don’t need too much help goosing their readership. Popular blogs like the Famously Constipated Dooce™ do just fine...any time Heather opens her blog up for comments she gets a couple hundred. Holy Crap. We little guys, though, like to know that someone is paying attention to us and our crappy little blogscreeds...even if we’re only Pusillanimous Paramecia in the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem.

But I get a charge out of seeing some of my favorites in the finalist rolls. There’s the Bakerina, up for Best Cooking/Recipe Blog. There’s Do You Have That In My Size? in the Best Weight Loss/Fitness Blog category. And now, look at all of the new blogs to check out...

But I do have a suggestion for the BoB Awards people - one that may help bring an even higher level of participation next year.

Rename the BoB Awards.

“Bob” just ain’t a dynamic, go-getter name. You need something punchy, sexy, powerful. Something attention-grabbing.

My suggestion: The “Best Liked Online Weblog Journals (or Blogs)” Awards. Because who’s not going to want to check out the BLOWJOB Awards?

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