Tuesday, January 04, 2005


No. Separated by 49 years.

Separated at birth? William (left), SWMBO (right).

The picture on the left is our nephew William (just before his December 24 haircut). When we got it (via e-mail from Sister-in-Law d'Elisson), it looked awfully familiar. It’s almost a clone of the picture on the right, even down to the pose.

But the picture on the right was taken 49 years ago. It’s She Who Must Be Obeyed her ownself, William’s auntie. Holy Crap! Kinda like one of those “Separated at Birth” things you might see on Conan O’Brien.

And it gets even stranger.

Check out the picture below, taken some time in the 1880’s and found among the personal effects of SWMBO’s late father. We don’t know exactly who these people are, but our strong suspicion is that the lady on the right is SWMBO’s great-grandmother - her father’s mother’s mother. Now look at this picture and compare.

Faces from the past.

It’s the same face! Oh, Mr. Wells! Have you perhaps misplaced your Time Machine?

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