Sunday, January 16, 2005


Hey, Bub! You don’t get down these stairs without you pay the Kitty Toll!

Guardians of the Staircase.

Excuse me; it’s Nappy Time.

Hakuna, or A study in tan and chocolate.

Edition 43 of Carnival of the Cats is hosted by IbeJO. You may know the acid-tongued James Owens from his “Dear Abby is Full of Crap” posts, but now you can see just how full of crap James is. Crap...and, this week, cats.

By the way, James, I would have been perfectly happy to name our cats “Stalin” and “Lenin.” “Butch” works just fine, too. In fact, if I could rename these cats today based on what I know about their personalities, I’d call ’em “Amnesia” and “GetthefuckawayfromMYfoodandMYpeopleyabitch.”

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