Sunday, January 23, 2005


These pictures of Elder Daughter were taken by her friend Milla, who normally lives in Finland but who has been on an extended visit in San Francisco. Elder Daughter visited Milla last month, figuring she’d use the opportunity while the two of them were on the same continent.

Milla is a talented photographer, as these shots evidence. What is it about the Left Coast that brings out the artiness in people? No matter: I loved the pictures.

She Who Must Be Obeyed pointed out that in one of the photographs (the top one), Elder Daughter bears a striking resemblance (except for the artistic Margaret Hamilton-As-The-Wicked-Witch-Of-The-West greenish cast) to the late Mom d’Elisson. And she’s right. I guess I will have to do another one of those “Separated at Birth?” posts in the very near future.

And I’ll be willing to bet that Elder Daughter wishes she were still in San Francisco right now. Instead, she’s in Boston, digging out from what may very well be the heaviest single snowfall ever to hit that esteemed city. At least, that’s what the National Weather Service was saying earlier today...and when you’re talking record snowfall in Boston, you are talking about one big frickin’ heap o’ snow.

Sheesh...I can’t even gripe about our single-digit wind chill here in the heart of Jawjuh.

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