Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Lifted shamelessly from David Bogner of Treppenwitz is this disquisition on choices. Preferences, if you will.

We all have ’em, as I have noted previously. And when the brain refuses to disgorge a reasonable supply of Bloggy Content, it’s fun to throw a pile of stuff up just to see how people lean.

Here’s David’s list. I’ve noted my preferences, if any, in boldface, with commentary as the topic moves me.
  1. Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate

    For eating out of hand, I lean toward milk chocolate these days. But I’m a switch-hitter, chocolate-wise.

  2. Nestle’s or Hershey’s

    No comparison. We all loved Hershey’s as little kids, but as our palates develop, many of us realize that Hershey’s has a sour-milk pong that makes it a distant loser to Nestle’s.

  3. Scotch or Bourbon

    I’ll give the nod to Scotch, because I loves me my single-malt... but I like ’em both.

  4. Road Bike or Mountain Bike

  5. American League or National League

  6. Hitting Pitchers or Designated Hitters

    Kinda follows from the one above.

  7. Ketchup or Mustard

    This question cannot be answered unless one knows what foodstuff it will be slathered upon. But mustard gets the nod because I’ll use it on a wider variety of foods. SWMBO, on the other hand, comes from a long line of Ketchup People.

  8. Ice Cream or Sorbet

    This is like Sophie’s Choice...but ice cream wins.

  9. Downhill or X-Country

  10. Mac or Windows

    The Mac interface is more intuitive; I have much more experience with Windows.

  11. Horns or Synthesizers

    And yet I’ll take ELP over Chicago any old day.

  12. White Wine or Red Wine

    No contest, at least for me.

  13. Aisle or Window

    I still like to look out the window.

  14. Non-Stop or Stopover

    Assuming it’s not a vacation trip with multiple destinations, non-stops are the way to go.

  15. Root Beer Float or Ice Cream Soda

    Another Sophie’s Choice.

  16. Creamy or Chunky

    Assuming we’re talking about peanut butter and not shit, chunky gets the nod.

  17. Smoking or Non-Smoking

  18. Plane or Train

    The plane wins from a practicality standpoint, but I have very pleasant memories of riding the Florida Special between New York and Miami.

  19. Sailboat or Motorboat

  20. White Gold or Yellow Gold

    What’s the point of having gold if it looks like silver?

  21. Rocks or Neat

    For single malt Scotch, neat. For gin and tonic, rocks.

  22. Dog or Cat

    Cats will shit in a box. Dogs will not. Ergo, cats win.

  23. Candybar-style or Flip-phone

  24. Steam-room or Sauna

  25. Tea or Coffee

  26. Sugar or Splenda™

    Except for when I’m baking. Who needs the extra calories?

  27. Fiction or Non-Fiction

    Like ’em both, but a check of my actual reading habits indicates a tilt toward fiction.

  28. Burned to a Crisp or Bloody as Hell

    My real preference is Pittsburgh-style: burned to a crisp on the outside, bloody as hell on the inside.

  29. Martin & Lewis or Amos & Andy

    Neither. Feh.

  30. Flats or Heels

    As long as I don’t have to wear ’em.

  31. Pants or Skirts

    As long as I don’t have to wear ’em.

  32. Army or Navy

    Navy gets the nod as a courtesy to my friend Houston Steve.

  33. Dark Meat or White Meat

    SWMBO prefers white meat, which means we have the formula for marital success.

  34. Sauce or Dry Rub

    Add sauce if you must... after you smoke the meat.

  35. Automatic or Stick Shift

    Unless there’s a commute in traffic.

  36. Bar Soap or Body Wash

    Ya gotta have bar soap. How can you leave a supply of pubes for the Missus to find if you use body wash?

  37. Set Menu or À La Carte

    I like to pick and choose.

  38. Dressed Salad or Dressing On The Side

  39. Cut To The Chase or Shaggy Dog Story

  40. Long Hair or Short Hair

    Things have changed since I was in college. Including me.

  41. Driver or Passenger

    Depends, really, on who is driving.

  42. Coder or WYSIWYG

  43. Crossword or Sudoku

  44. Chess or Go

  45. Boxers or Briefs

    My boys need a home, not some drafty fucking tent.

  46. Now or Later

    Depends on whether we’re talking about paying bills, eating, or sex.

  47. Indoors or Al Fresco

    Rather depends on the weather, innit?

  48. Coke or Pepsi

    No comparison. Coke all the way. (Can you tell I live in Atlanta?)

  49. Betty or Wilma

    SWMBO sounds exactly like Betty Rubble when she laughs. I love it.

  50. Ginger or Maryanne

    You mean I can choose?

Okay, now it’s your turn... if you so desire.

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