Tuesday, May 05, 2009


It’s Cinco de Mayo - May 5 in ingles - the Mexican holiday that commemorates the birth of the Taco Bell Chalupa-Chihuahua.

On previous Cincos, I’ve posted dopey poetry, non-sequiturs en español, and even a 100-word story.

I have (you will be happy to note) thus far refrained from posting any jokes involving submerged Hellmann’s. Some puns are so loathsome, they are even beneath me. Yeef.

I have no especial plans to celebrate the day, given my complete lack of Mexican heritage. But it won’t take a lot of arm-twisting to get me to down a few shots of ta-kill-ya, ideally washed down with some sangrita - that delicious concoction of citrus, tomato, and hot pepper.

Further than that, deponent sayeth not.

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