Thursday, February 08, 2007


My podcasting efforts are a Work in Progress.

I’ve created a podcast feed at Odeo and at some point will link it to a separate site...but in the meantime, here’s your chance to listen to some of the Random Crap I’ve generated over the last eighteen months.

Plenty of 100-word stories here. I’m getting within shouting distance of my goal, which is to be able to publish a collection of 100 100-word stories.

But there are a few other Tasty Goodies...including the infamous Pooncast. Just in case you’re looking for 460 different ways to say “vagina.” [Since I’m an Equal Opportunity Offender, I will be happy to ’cast a few hundred different ways to say “penis” if someone can provide me with the nucleus of a list.]

You can subscribe to the podcast by copying the URL for the RSS feed into the podcast aggregator of your choice. Or just click on the link below:

Subscribe to My Odeo Podcast

Anyway, if you have a few spare minutes, give a listen. Most of these pieces run about two minutes. Allow twelve for the Pooncast, though...

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