Wednesday, February 28, 2007


SWMBO, Before and After. [Click to embiggen.]

Free, that is, of the Pernicious Tooth-Encircling Metallic Bands.

Today was the day She Who Must Be Obeyed has awaited eagerly for lo, these many months. Today was the day that her course of orthodontic treatment was completed.

Today was the day the braces came off.

It seems like ages ago when they were first put on, back on January 16, 2005. SWMBO had dreaded it, for it was the first step on what she knew would be a long, difficult, and (sometimes) painful road. Eighteen months of orthodontia, followed by jaw surgery: orthognathic mandibular extension. Recuperation, then more orthodontia. All in all, a two-year course of treatment.

Now, gone are the post-adjustment headaches. Gone are the days - three months all told - of being unable to chew following jaw surgery. Gone, the constant post-meal paranoia that there is an unsightly chunk of food lodged in the grillework.

All that’s left? Sheer beauty, I tells ya.

Oh, boy! Ribs, apples, and chewy caramel!

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