Saturday, February 03, 2007


Alfonso’s was the best Indian restaurant in the Sierra Madre. In fact, it was the only Indian restaurant in the Sierra Madre.

[By Indian, of course, we mean East Indian, not Indigenous American.]

Gnarled, bewhiskered prospectors seeking a fine Chicken Korma or a piquant Lamb Vindaloo flocked to Alfonso’s, where you could get anything from hot naan to creamy saag paneer. For dessert? Kheer, delicately scented with cardamom.

The only weak spot on the menu? Fritters. Alfonso couldn’t make a fritter to save his life.

But did he care? No, he did not.

Bhajis? We ain’t got no stinking bhajis.”

[A tip o’ th’ Elisson fedora to ThunderMan for providing Perverse Inspiration.]

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