Thursday, January 18, 2007


Ahhh...So Happy It’s Thursday™!

What, pray tell, is Elisson doing posting his Friday Random Ten on Thursday? You may well ask.

Tomorrow morning, as soon as I have dispensed with my morning minyan obligations, I will be headed off to the Baltimore (pronounced “Ballmer” by the locals) area for a training session - part of my preparation for assuming a leadership role in the Southeastern Region of the International Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs.

Blogging over the next several days will be sporadic to nonexistent, alas.

The Missus will most likely use the Elisson-Free Weekend to run down to Savannah and visit the Mistress of Sarcasm. I am envious. My weekend will be filled with breakout sessions and presentations - as much as you can do over a weekend considering that writing on Shabbat is verboten. Her weekend will be filled with Mother-Daughter Fun.

But in the meantime, we have Choons to listen to, all lovingly selected in Random Sequence by the Little White Choon-Box d’Elisson...
  1. Tapajos River - Philip Glass
  2. Fred Jones Part 2 - Ben Folds

    Fred sits alone at his desk in the dark
    There’s an awkward young shadow that waits in the hall
    He’s cleared all his things and he’s put them in boxes
    Things that remind him: “Life has been good”

    Twenty-five years
    He’s worked at the paper
    A man’s here to take him downstairs
    And I’m sorry, Mr. Jones
    It’s time

    There was no party, there were no songs
    ’Cause today’s just a day like the day that he started
    No one is left here that knows his first name
    And life barrels on like a runaway train
    Where the passengers change
    They don’t change anything
    You get off; someone else can get on

    And I’m sorry, Mr. Jones
    It’s time

    Streetlight shines through the shades
    Casting lines on the floor, and lines on his face
    He reflects on the day

    Fred gets his paints out and goes to the basement
    Projecting some slides onto a plain white
    Canvas and traces it
    Fills in the spaces
    He turns off the slides, and it doesn’t look right
    Yeah, and all of these bastards
    Have taken his place
    He’s forgotten but not yet gone

    And I’m sorry, Mr. Jones
    And I’m sorry, Mr. Jones
    And I’m sorry, Mr. Jones
    It’s time

  3. The National Anthem - Radiohead
  4. Every Mother’s Son - Traffic
  5. No One Mourns The Wicked - Wicked, Original Cast Recording
  6. Toccata & Fugue in D Minor - Wendy Carlos, Switched-On Bach 2000
  7. Purpose - Avenue Q, Original Broadway Cast
  8. Bodhisattva - Steely Dan
  9. I Got A Line On You - Spirit
  10. Native Son - The Judybats
It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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