Sunday, January 07, 2007


The Missus and I went in for our haircuts yesterday. Every four weeks, we go in together to the same young lady who has been cutting our hair for eight years now.

Ya gotta love a Hair Lady who gives you Zorch-Shaped Chocolates for your birthday. Plus, she looks enough like SWMBO to be mistaken for her daughter. Happens all the time.

The Shampoo-Girl who washed my hair yesterday in preparation for my cut did an outstanding job. Massaged all the convolutions right outta my brain, she did. Why pay for a $500-a-night hooker when you can get pretty much the same amount of pleasure out of a head-massage, for less than a hundredth of the price?

It cannot be an easy job, though. You pretty much have to deal with whatever clientele comes in the door: the sad lot of the Shampoo-Girl.

No matter whether he was a heavy tipper or not, how much of a pain in the ass must it have been to shampoo the Elephant Man?

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