Friday, January 12, 2007


Geez, is it Friday already?

Yes it is - and that means it’s time for this week’s Friday Random Ten, the incredibly self-indulgent exercise in which I post whatever miscellaneous assortment of Musical Narrischkeit (that means foolishness, for those of my Esteemed Readers who are Yiddish-impaired) the iPod d’Elisson poops out.

What’s on the box today? Whaddaya say we take a look:
  1. Stagger Lee - Professor Longhair

    It was early, early one morning
    When I heard my bulldog bark -
    He was barking at the two men
    Who was gambling in the dark.

    It was Stagger Lee and Billy Lyons, boys
    And they gambled there very late
    Every time Stag threw seven,
    Billy Lyons told him that he threw eight.

    Stagger Lee lost all of his money
    And he lost his Cadillac
    He said, “I believe you been cheatin’, Billy -
    Don’t be here when I come back.”

    Stagger Lee went home
    And he knocked upon little Bertha’s door
    He said, “Wake up, little Bertha, baby
    And hand me my .44.”

    You know, Bertha jumped out of the bed, screaming
    Boys, she was lookin’ at Stagger Lee’s eyes
    She said, “Come on in, honey,
    I can see some poor man’s gonna die.”

    Stagger Lee told Bertha
    That he had lost his brand-new Cadillac
    But he believed Billy was cheatin’,
    And she knew he didn’t go for that.

    Stagger Lee went back on the corner
    Boys, he stood up in the barroom door
    He said, “Don’t nobody move,
    ’Cause I got my .44.”

    You know, Stagger Lee shot Billy Lyons
    Oh, he shot the poor boy so fast
    The bullet went through Billy
    And it broke the bartender’s glass.

    Billy Lyons started to holler,
    He cried, “Stag, don’t take my life -
    You know I got two little children
    And a poor little old sickly wife.”

    Stagger Lee told Billy,
    “Yes, I know you got a cute boy and girl,
    But if you wanna see your family, Billy,
    Meet ’em in another world.”

  2. Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi - Christian Thielemann, Orff: Carmina Burana
  3. It’s In The Subtext - James Newton Howard, King Kong (2005)
  4. Houses - Mitch Hedberg
  5. Chop ’Em Down - Matisyahu
  6. Life’s Been Good - Joe Walsh
  7. Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring - Wendy Carlos, Switched-On Bach 2000
  8. Dona Dona - Moishe Oysher and Sholom Secunda
  9. Everything You Did - Steely Dan
  10. Chinese Combo Number 5 - Weird Al Yankovic
It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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