Monday, January 22, 2007


Elisson may have been gone, but the World o’ Bloggy Carnivals rolls on and on.

Just in case you may have missed ’em:

Friday Ark #122: Posted at the Modulator. When? Friday! Duh.

Carnival of the Cats #148: Posted at enrevanche by the estimable and inscrutable Barry Campbell.

Kosher Cooking Carnival #14: Posted at Elisheva Blogs, the KCC includes not only a fine selection of recipes, but a comprehensive update on the kashrus certification of numerous packaged foods. Sometimes a prepackaged food item will become newly certified (or recertified); sometimes decertified; sometimes there are label misprints; and sometimes there is intentional mislabeling. Caveat fresser!

That catches us up on the latest Carnivals. We now return you to our regular Blog d’Elisson program of dopey 100-word stories, cat photos, recipes, song lists, snarky Photoshops, and other random Stoopid Shit™.

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