Monday, January 15, 2007


One of our Blown-Star Blodgers, Walrilla, has fallen into a bit of bad health, having had his left foot amputated below the knee last Friday.

Those of us who have met Walrilla know that underneath his fearsome outward appearance lurks a gentle soul. Gentle, perhaps; yet he can still hang with the likes of Eric the Blade, Chipmunk-Man, and the GOC without missing a beat. Anyone who can stay awake long enough to watch Mullet-Boy pack it in has definitely got what it takes. The boy has stamina.

And he will need it. It won’t be easy being a Walrilla minus one flipper - but fortunately, you don’t blog with your feet.

Please stop by and wish the Bewhiskered One a speedy recovery.

A tip o’ th’ Elisson fedora goes to El Capitan and to the Confabulator for spreading the news.

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