Friday, January 26, 2007


The Friday Ark has set its sail
The beasties all stand by the rail
They beckon towards the Internet
As if to say, “Ain’t you visited yet?”

Yes, Friday Ark #123 is up at (surprise!) Modulator.

In fact, I am a wee bit surprised. My post concerning Ligers was relegated to the “Other Vertebrates” category rather than included in “Cats.” I mean, last I checked, the Liger was a cat, am I right? Or should the latter category be retitled “Felis Domesticus” and its entries restricted to housecats?

This Sunday evening, Carnival of the Cats swings by Mind of Mog for its 149th outing. Be sure to stop by and say hello to alla them kitties. Including my Liger friend.

Carnival of the Cats #149 is up.

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