Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Hakuna enjoys the morning sun.

Hakuna is the more shy and retiring of our two cats. She likes to sit under the chair at the top of our front staircase, where her smaller and more aggressive sister Matata usually will not bother her.

That thing sitting atop the chair is a cat bed. Once in a blue moon, one of the cats (usually Matata, who likes confined spaces) will actually sleep in it.

The morning sun casts a wan, watery sort of light through the balusters on these winter mornings. Winter or summer, I like to see the interplay of light and dark at the top of the stairs...but the winter sun is more gentle. It seems to fit Hakuna’s personality: a cat that will not walk upon you but that will curl up next to you as you sit on the sofa. And like the winter sun, Hakuna somehow manages to keep you warm.

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