Thursday, February 17, 2005


My ego, that is, ya filthy-minded poivoit.

Not that it will do this blog any good, but I was pleasantly surprised to see my actual honest-to-Gawd street name on World O’Crap a few days ago. Woo-Hoo!

WOC, for those of you new to the Bloggy-Sphere, is one o’ them “Big Dawg” bloggers, a left-of-center political/humor blog, with a collection of the most brilliant commenters I have ever seen. I have absolutely no idea what its author, S.Z., does by way of a day job, but I cannot imagine she has one, given the reams of quality stuff she pumps out on a daily basis.

Reading WOC convinced me that I would never be a serious big-time blogger - at least, not in the political arena. I simply can’t compete. No, I will needs be content to plumb the murkier depths of the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem with my peculiar mix of foodblogging, dadblogging, kitty photos, occasional Social/Political Diatribe and Commentary, and whatever other crap pops into my head.

But ain’t it nice when one of them Big Dawgs throws you a chunk of gristle off of that nice meaty bone?

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