Friday, February 18, 2005


Today is Friday, and for once I am observing Bloggity Convention by posting my catpix on time. For Friday is Catblogging Day!

First up, we have Hakuna and Matata nestled amongst the folds of the bedclothes and the splayed limbs o’ SWMBO. Hakuna lurks discreetly in the background adjacent to She Who Must Be Obeyed: typically, she will avoid walking on the Great Bifurcated Gods but will cuddle up next to us on occasion. Matata, however, comports herself like a great, fuzzy Ho-Bag, and will lay anywhere, nuzzle anything. (Not that, ya filthy-minded bastids!)

Hakuna and Matata nestled amidst the Limbs o’ SWMBO.

In this next photo, Matata has climbed into this bag completely without human assistance. Her eyes have a devilish glow...but notice the halo reflected on the chest of drawers behind her.

Matata - in the bag again.

Finally, here's ’Ta in her favorite comfy chair. Yogis may have their “Lotus,” but Matata has the “Meatloaf” down pat. Ommmmmmmmm...

Matata in her "Meatloaf" pose.

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