Wednesday, February 09, 2005


A couple of posts ago, I announced that I would be giving a prize to the Good and Faithful Reader that sent me a screenshot of my Sitemeter when it hit 10,000.

Real bloggers write for the sheer pleasure and/or catharsis of it. They don’t give a crap about hits, right? Unlike us egocentric, self-aggrandizing, link-whoring amateurs. But, after all, 10,000 is a nice, round number. Even if it is small potatoes to all y’all serious bloggers.

Well, as of this afternoon, WE HAVE A WINNAH!

Even more fun, it’s someone we know and love - our own Janet McC., AKA Mrs. Barbecue General! Hah!

Of course, now I gotta come up with a really good prize. And seeing as how shipping will not be a problem, options that would have been unworkable with some of my more distant Esteemed Readers can come into play.

So, what’s a good prize? Normally, I’d say something involving meat and/or pie, but that’s so Four Days Ago. And besides, handing out meat to Janet is like schlepping coals to Newcastle.

Hmm. I’ll have to think on this...and enlist the formidable resources of She Who Not Only Must Be Obeyed, But Who Must Work With The Prizewinner In Her Place Of Employment. Hoo-hah.

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