Thursday, February 03, 2005


Yesterday, as I was getting up to leave the table at the Local Bagel Emporium, one of our newer Minyan Boyz paid me what may be the finest compliment I have heard in years.

He said, “Steve, do you ever not have a smile on your face?”

I consider that praise of the highest order.

Let’s face it. None of us is happy all the time, and there’s plenty that goes on in the course of a routine day that will wipe a smile right off your face. But if that smile ain’t there to begin with, you’re at a disadvantage right off the bat. Besides, what would you rather look at on someone else’s pan - a pleasant smile, or a ferkrimpteh punim?

That’s me - Elisson, Grinning Like a Complete Jackanapes Since 1952!™

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