Wednesday, February 16, 2005


or whatever other fat-raddled crap you were about to eat. (You know you were.)

Drop whatever it is you’re doing right now and get your Bloggy Ass over to Wampum and vote for Anntichrist S. Coulter, a 2004 Koufax Awards finalist for Best Commenter.

You can catch Annti’s wit ’n’ wisdom in the various comment threads at World O’Crap and Sadly, No! Alas, she has no blog of her own, preferring (apparently) to let others serve up th Bloggity Content so that she may jab it repeatedly with her acidulated and extremely pointy pen.

Annti doesn’t know I exist, but I don’t give a shit. All I know is, she’s from Louisiana, which makes her left-of-center political bent and lack of webbed fingers and toes all the more amazing...and if she were to drop a comment on Blog d’Elisson, I’d probably soil myself with excitement. Now go vote, dammit!

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