Thursday, February 17, 2005


Behold the Power of Cheese? Bullshit. Cheese ain’t powerful...unless you’re talking about the stinky Camembert that was so vile, so pungent, that She Who Must Be Obeyed yanked it out of the fridge and threw it right into the back yard.

No: Behold the Power of Blogging.

Because Blogging is much, much more powerful than cheese.

Blogging got Dan Rather shoved out the door, credibility besmirched. Cheese did not.

And blogging got our friends Steve and Sue - they of the Famously Excessive Luggage - to change their behavior.

Yes, you heard right. Steve and Sue arrived this evening for a weekend visit with only four bags. Two huge wheeled duffels, yes - and two backpacks. But that was all of it.

Steve and Sue, sans luggage.

What occasioned this drastic change in behavior? For drastic it was. Last trip, Steve and Sue packed the equivalent of a fuckin’ U-Haul. For a weekend. What was different?

Why, they read my blog, in which I had Ripped Them a New One. And they felt mickle ashamed.

And so, today: Reasonable Quantities of Luggage. Halleluyah!

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