Monday, February 07, 2005


Not that this is any Big Fat Hairy Deal, but I just noticed that my hit counter is approaching 10,000. Anything with a lotta zeroes gots ta be Meaningful, right?

Geez, 10,000 hits in, what, seven months of Hot Blogging Action? For something that started out as a place for me to deposit my Random Written Detritus, I guess that’s not too bad.

So, not to get obsesively self-promotional or anything, whoever ends up sending me a screenshot .jpg of Hit 10,000 will get some sort of prize. I have no idea what, but I promise it won’t be too extremely chickenshit. Hey, if Jay Allen can do it, why the hell not me?

The proverbial Fit will likely Hit The Shan during my impending Bidnis (that’s Texan for “Business,” y’all) Trip to Sweat City. Yes, my sleepy ass will be on the Great Silver Bus at 7:15 tomorrow if you e-mail that .jpg and you don’t hear from me in the next ten minutes, don’t panic, OK? Give it a couple of days before sending me the inevitable Pissy Follow-Up Notes.

Ten. Frickin’. Thousand. P. T. Barnum was right!

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