Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This month’s Guild event - an American Zinfandel tasting - will be at the 5 Seasons Brewing Company at the Prado this evening.

There won’t be any Denny tonight. He’s off in Bonaire, SCUBA-diving his brains out. It’s a privilege of having attained SRF­© status. But I’ll be there, along with Houston Steve, committing all manner of Mortal Zins.

Here’s the menu:

Speaker’s wine
Beringer Sparkling White Zinfandel ½*

First flight
Lake Sonoma 2005**
Sebastiani 2005***
Quivira 2005***

Grilled pizza, prosciutto, goat cheese, and arugula

Second flight
Seghesio “Old Vine” 2005***
Ravenswood “Big River” 2005****
Ridge “Geyserville” 2005****

Smoked brisket and hash with crispy Vidalia onions

Third flight
Ridge “Lytton Springs” 1999***
Ridge “Lytton Springs” 2001****
Ridge “Lytton Springs” 2005**

Georgia suckling pig with seasonal vegetables and demi-glace

Montevina Zinfandel Port NV***

Chocolate cake

Ridge Zinfandel Essence 1991****

I’ve enjoyed my previous visit to this particular outlet of the 5 Seasons Brewing Company, so I have high expectations...even if beer is not on the menu.

Update: My preferences indicated by asterisks.

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