Saturday, September 13, 2008



Or: Japanese spam. Comment spam, that is.

I don’t see a lot of comment or trackback spam, thanks to the ever-vigilant efforts by the good people of Haloscan. Once in a rare while, something gets through, whereupon I delete it promptly.

But this evening, I got a couple that were so mind-boggling, so amusingly rendered in flawless Engrish, that I decided to share them with you...sans links, and with my commentary in italics:

If you have Flyff money, you can kill monsters and give present to your girl!

If I have real money, I can give present to my girl and avoid the mess and discomfort of having to kill monsters.

You can earned Flyff gold. Her excitation all over the face relying on has set up that only have halves size small grape purple fruit.

“Her excitation all over the face”? Is that some sort of Boo-Cocky reference? And that’s the only remotely understandable part of that comment.

Japanese Comment Spam - try some today!

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