Thursday, September 11, 2008


Borg Hakuna

“Resistance is futile.”

Now that she once again has the house to herself, Hakuna is spending time in places other than the underside of our bed. Evidently, she was out and about long enough to become assimilated into the Borg Collective, as evidenced by the glowing red eye.

Hmph. If those Borg nanobots are so damned smart, why don’t they teach this cat to start crapping in the toilet? And maybe to stop chewing the edges of the carpet?

When it comes to the Happy World of Fauna, there’s no better way to start your Friday than by taking a cruise on the Friday Ark, the 208th edition of which is up at the Modulator. As our Borgy friends would say, “resistance is futile.”

Also, be sure to stop by Artsy Catsy this Sunday evening to check out Carnival of the Cats #235. It’s Kitty-Riffic!

Update No. 2: CotC #235 is up.

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