Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Neighbor with Toys

Neighbor rests up after a session with the Cat Toys.

Neighbor will be headed up to Nashville this weekend, and things will be a lot quieter around Chez Elisson with her gone.

Hakuna will be relieved, I am sure...but we have enjoyed having Neighbor around. Despite her (supposed) middle age, she has a great deal of the Kitten about her.

She is playful, this one. All of the myriad Cat Toys that She Who Must Be Obeyed would buy in the vain hopes of keeping Hakuna and Matata entertained are, at last, getting a workout.

And this cat is smart. Unlike Hakuna and Matata, for whom “out of sight” pretty much meant “out of mind,” Neighbor remembers everything. You can’t simply tuck something away once she has expressed an interest in it. She will remember exactly where you put it and will go back to retrieve it later.

We had a little jingly ball that had rolled into the pantry. SWMBO took it out so Neighbor could play with it...and play she did, for almost an hour, rolling the damnable jingling thing back and forth across the kitchen floor. And when she was done playing, she rolled it right back into the pantry whence it had come. Smart, that cat.

Neighbor with Toys

A languid Rug-Pose.

Hope she travels well...for SWMBO and I will be the ones transporting her this Saturday.

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