Friday, March 07, 2008


I’m already making plans for a serious Meaty Freak-Out on EATAPETA Day a week from tomorrow.

Steaks are great, and as my friend Houston Steve points out, Veal is the Real Deal.

Author and Radio Star Steve H. Graham often likes to riff on the wonderful eating qualities of Whale Meat. His latest creation - look for it in your local food store! - is Matsushita Heavy Industries Humpback Whale Bacon. How perfect would that be for EATAPETA Day?

Humpback Whale Bacon
Whale Bacon. (The Other Elisson is included for scale.)

Think of it. Each rasher is 25 feet long, a perfect accompaniment for the equally giant economy-size Whale Liver. You could feed an army.

I’m thinking that, as good as Whale Bacon might be, fetal whale meat would be even better. Juicier. More tender. All dewy-eyed and innocent.

Try Whale Veal: “Wheal. It’s the Real Real Deal!” I’ll try to score some on my trip to Japan next month.

What are you going to have on EATAPETA Day?

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