Friday, March 07, 2008


The Friday Ark sets sail at morning’s light.
But something’s missing; something is Not Right.
My eyes are moist, my mien is fell and dark.
It’s Matata’s final trip aboard the Ark.

The Friday Ark begins its 181st sailing today, ably captained by the Modulator: Matata’s valedictory voyage, sad to say. But the presence of all those other happy felines - and other Miscellaneous Fauna - always cheers me up.

Modulatin’ Steve reminded me that Matata has been a more-or-less regular fixture on the Ark since its fourth voyage, way back in October 2004. For sure, it’ll be a quieter Ark without her...but the great Wheel of Life turns on, and other Animal Companions will have their place in the sun.

Lest I forget, this Sunday, be sure to catch Carnival of the Cats as it heads over to Artsy Catsy. Enjoy the weekend!

Update: CotC #208 is up.

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