Wednesday, October 25, 2006



The Grouchy Old Cripple may not be getting any Grouchier...but he is getting older. And that’s always a good thing, considering the alternative.

Today, Denny carves another notch in the Gunstock o’ Life, having blown away another Annual Solar Circumnavigation. And when I say “blown away,” I mean it. Denny does not sit back and let life happen to him; he goes out and wrestles its ass to the ground. He takes great vacations in exotic places, he goes scuba diving, he skis, and he holds a pilot’s license has flown private aircraft solo.

He can hang with the Blown-Eyed Blodgers one day, and then go with his Sommelier Guild buddies and enjoy fine wines and Gourmet Grinds.

Plus, he plays a Mean Axe.

He does not suffer fools gladly. Trolls who leave asinine, obnoxious, or stupid comments on his site get Grouchisized™.

Happy birthday, Denny! May you have many, many more, without limit to any good thing.

Now, Esteemed Ones: Go thou and congratulate him!

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Josep said...

I haven't really read Denny's GOC blog that much, but I can't help but point out that some of his blog posts were full of anti-French diatribes. It's sad to see a grown man like him take part in such childish screeds. He's even grouped these posts:

The first of these posts started in 2003. This post was written in 2006. I know it's been more than ten years since you've written this. Did you read these outdated beliefs at the time?

Doesn't he know that the French have helped the American revolutionaries during the Revolutionary War? And they even gave us the Statue of Liberty! They have had lots of military victories that aren't discussed as much. What makes this worse is how some of the popular media in the US and England tend to stereotype the French (and other continental Europeans sometimes) in ways that make them look stupid. This annoys me not only because of all the treasures France has to offer, but also because I'm part-French.

It's nice to see you were celebrating Denny's birthday (i.e. Denny as a person), but those hateful posts he wrote can't be tolerated.
All I'm saying is, it breaks my heart to see him openly denounce anything France-related, and not apologise for it.
My two pence.