Thursday, July 03, 2008


It’s bad enough that I will, on occasion, don Perforated Metallic Headgear. But, at least in my case, I have the excuse that I have a reputation to maintain.

What sort of reputation is best left to the imagination.

But now things are spiraling out of control. Other people are horning in on my act.

Stephan Pastis, for example...

Pearls Before Swine. [Click to embiggen.]

The Rathbun brothers...

The Rathbun Brothers
©2007 Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The lovely (but apparently slightly unstable) Boudicca...


And now this...

Colander Holder
Holder, very fetching in her Perforated Headgear.

I don’t know what they were drinking out there at the Blown-Star Blodgemeet at Toad Hall...that’s out somewhere WSW of Kerrville, Texas...but whatever the hell it was, it had Holder channeling the Spirit of Colander Borg-Man.

Who will be the next to don the Headgear of Wisdom...and Well-Drained Pasta?

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