Sunday, July 06, 2008


People who question my occasional penchant for Crap-Blogging need only refer to the very first post on Blog d’Elisson four years ago today, a review of Kellogg’s All-Bran Apricot Bites. It was a cereal with, shall we say, certain Digestive Benefits.

So: in my very first post, I make an oblique Poop Reference...and I drop my first Blogly F-Bomb. A sign of things to come, I suppose.

But it is not All About Poop here.

I’ve written about family...of childhood experiences as a semi-practicing cats...the contents of my bookshelf, music library, refrigerator, nightstand, and liquor cabinet...and thrown in a liberal dose of Random Stupid Crap besides. Poems about Tapered Poops and Painful Rectal Itch. Hundred-word stories.

Colanders, too. Lotsa colanders.

Four years...three thousand posts...and close to 300,000 visitors. Yeef.

Something I never expected when I began my involvement in “this thing we do” four years ago was the new friendships I’d make. Meatworld friendships, with real live people...because all these bits ’n’ bytes are, at the end of the day, created by Real People. I’ve met a veritabobble army of Online Journalists face-to-face, none of whom I would have been likely to encounter in the normal course of existence, and I’m proud to call many of them my friends.

I’ve said farewell to a few of these Bloggy Buddies, too. Some I knew only by the streams of electrons they scattered across the Internet; others I had broken bread with. One thing they share is having a legacy, a legacy scattered far and wide amongst the Web-Servers of the world. Not a bad thing to leave behind.

I started this site to amuse myself. It has since become a source of catharsis, of relaxation, and a sometimes focus of obsession...and I’ll probably keep slapping stuff up here until I get thoroughly sick of it.

Meantime, thanks fer stopping by. Your visits and comments are a constant source of wonderment, enjoyment, astonishment...and After-Dinnerment.

See you around.

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