Thursday, July 31, 2008


Most of us have spots in the Bloggy-Sphere that we visit on a regular basis. We develop an interest – perhaps even an affection – for certain writers’ styles and peculiarities. Over time, however, our memories become foggy and details get “lost in the sauce.” Take the following quiz and see how well you know your bloggers!

1.  Laurence Simon says that he’s “so full of crap, his eyes are brown.” What’s the name of his main blog?
     a.  This Blog Is Packed With Excrement
     b.  This Website Is Crammed With Dookie
     c.  What The Deuce?
     d.  This Blog Is Full Of Crap

2.  Mac, who writes over at pesky’apostrophe, claims that her site is
     a.  more pleasant than parentheses
     b.  now with more ampersands!
     c.  better than an unexpected period
     d.  better than not getting a period when you’re expecting one

3.  The term “cock ring” is most likely to be found at:
     a.  Boudicca’s Voice
     b.  Velociworld
     c.  Shadowscope
     d.  Instapundit

4.  Denny, the Grouchy Old Cripple, would probably describe himself as:
     a.  a libertarian atheist
     b.  a Eugene McCarthy Democrat
     c.  an old school socialist in the style of Norman Thomas
     d.  a crotchety, superannuated paraplegic

5.  Jim of Parkway Rest Stop prides himself on one of his notable physical characteristics. What is it?
     a.  Fareekin’ Silky Thighs
     b.  Farookin’ Great Hair
     c.  Frickin’ Ripped Abs
     d.  Fungus-catchin’ Innie Navel

6.  Harvey calls his blog “Bad Example.” But it didn’t start out that way. What was it originally called?
     a.  Cautionary Tale
     b.  Sad Grandpa
     c.  This Blog Sucks
     d.  Bad Money

7.  Eric, the Straight White Guy, is sometimes known as Eric the
     a.  Tactical Nuclear Weapon
     b.  Pigsticker
     c.  Zombie
     d.  Blade

8.  At Erica’s Blog, you may find snide references to a neighboring state. You may also find the following epithet:
     a.  Kooshball
     b.  Douche-Bag
     c.  Dooshbag
     d.  Fatoushbagge

9.  At sisu, Sissy Willis often combines incisive political commentary with extraordinary photographs of her two cats. The Chelsea Grays, as she calls them, are named:
     a.  Hakuna and Matata
     b.  Baby Cakes and Tiny
     c.  Tig and Gracie
     d.  Tuck and Goomp

10.  “Indiana Jones” is to “fedora” as “Elisson” is to:
     a.  “beret”
     b.  “Panama hat”
     c.  “colander”
     d.  “gimme cap”

I’ll post the all-too-obvious answers in a couple of days. Meanwhile, show us your Big Bloggity Brains by sticking your answers in the comments...or on your own site. Winners will be rewarded with effusive and fulsome praise.

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