Friday, July 18, 2008


We covered all the bases today, from Denton to Foat Wuth, from old friends to new, from biscuits to blintzes.

Our day began in Denton at the home of Morris William, SWMBO’s younger brother. SWMBO and I were up at the Butt Crack of Dawn™, getting cleaned up and throwing our stuff together for a return trip to the southwestern end of the Dalworth megalopolis. But first, we slipped out for a cup of coffee and a bite of biscuit with Gradual Dazzle, who writes over at Anywhere But Here.

Dazz and I first came to each other’s attention back in May 2005, when the Infamous Punchbowl Meme was circulating around the Bloggy-Sphere. Not only was she a good enough sport to play along, she added her own perverse twist: a Turd in a Punchbowl poem in iambic pentameter. Surely this was a sign of a Truly Original (and Bizarre) Mind. We’ve been Blog-Buddies ever since.

After a very pleasant visit (not to mention the Tasty yet Unmentionable Biscuits and Gravy), we went our separate ways: Dazz to the north and us to the south, down to Foat Wuth, where SWMBO’s Momma was busily assembling a passel of cheese blintzes.

Ahhh, cheese blintzes. The quintessential Jewish dairy food, a blintz is nothing more than a crepe filled with a sweet cheese filling, then fried in butter. If your sole exposure to this noblest of dishes is from the local IHOP, or from the frozen foods section of the Stoopid-Market, you really haven’t experienced the Real Thing. And SWMBO’s Momma is the Past Master of the Cheese Blintz. Golden brown, slathered with cool sour cream and a dab of orange marmalade, these were enough to make me weak in the knees. Oy.

Later in the day, Rose and Jim, family friends of long standing, came over to break bread with us as we enjoyed Bro in-Law d’Elisson’s amazing Glatt Kosher Meat Loaf. We ended the day much as we had begun it, with good food, pleasant companionship, and enjoyable conversation; and it occurred to me that in our wanderings from Denton to Foat Wuth, we had partaken of both the old and the new, of the South and the East(ern European).

It was a good day.

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