Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Or among the best, anyway, according to the Mistress of Sarcasm, who celebrated her 26th birthday yesterday.

The day started off with a Pancake Breakfast, courtesy of She Who Must Be Obeyed. SWMBO is a dab hand at making flapjacks, and while she rarely trots out her Mad Pancake Making Skillz these days, they are as sharp as ever.

When the girls were little, SWMBO would top off their plates with special pancakes made in the shape of their initials. I was delighted, therefore, to see that she had resurrected the old tradition, making Initial Pancakes for both Elder Daughter and the Mistress...and Gilad as well. Some butter, warm maple syrup, and a medley of fresh berries completed the picture. Wotta meal.

As breakfast wound down, Elder Daughter presented the Mistress with several gifts she had purchased in Japan and kept stashed away for the occasion. Among them was this box of candies, each a tiny sculptural artwork in sugar. That’s Japan for you: They create miniature masterpieces, we create Milk Duds.

Japanese Candy

Artistic confections from Japan.

We chowed down on Texas-style barbecued beef brisket, lovingly smoked by Yours Truly the evening before using our new smoker, a liberal dose of mesquite, and Billie Bob’s Top Secret Beef Rub. Bill - SWMBO’s late Daddy - was a brisketeer par excellence, and I’m happy to report that the aroma and taste of the Mistress’s Birthday Brisket brought back some sweet memories.

The ladies, accompanied by Gilad (the Mistress’s Very Significant Other), ran off to spend a few hours in Roswell. When they returned, they did so with a few armloads of Accumulated Swag.

Dinner consisted of a night out at Seasons 52, one of our favorite local eateries...and site of my infamous Lamborghini Lust. We had an excellent time, with Gilad and I basking in the luminous presence of all three of my Ladies.

Mistress and Gilad

The Mistress of Sarcasm and Gilad.

Elisson and the Girls

Me and my girls.

As we drove home, bellies full and spirits high (but not DUI!), the Mistress pronounced it the Best Birthday Ever. And I could do naught but agree.

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