Thursday, July 10, 2008


Hakuna shows off her blue eyes.

With Mr. Camera in the shop and Mr. Desktop Computer acting all strange, I am having to rely on rerunning a Golden Oldie for this week’s Kitty Photo.

It was either that, or steal borrow a few pics of Baby and Tiny from Sissy Willis, masterful photographer of kitties and other subjects. But in the name of self-reliance, I elected to dig down into the Catblogging Archive, where I found this shot that highlights Hakuna’s beautiful blue eyes.

On a sadder note, Rahel (of Elms in the Yard) reports the loss of The Lady in Red, a cat much beloved by not only Rahel (her adoptive Momma), but also by many of us in the Bloggy-Sphere. Please stop by and give her your condolences.

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