Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Flintstones Ribs

Serious eating, caveman-style.

Remember the scene from the opening sequence of The Flintstones in which Fred and Wilma are at the drive-in and the waitress brings out an order of mammoth ribs - ribs so stupendously huge that they capsize Fred’s car?

That was our dinner this evening.

We had ribs. Not those pee-waddly chazzer ribs. None of those dinky Baby Backs, no, no. We had beef ribs. Texas-style.

Not short ribs, either. These were the Real Deal, enormous chunks of meat on the bone, slow-cooked in our smoker after a thorough coating with Billie Bob’s Magickal Mystickal Rub. I’d share the recipe with you, but then I would have to whois your IP address, hunt you down like a rabid dog, and terminate you with Extreme Prejudice.

I can tell you that we sauced those babies with Goode Company’s excellent BBQ sauce. Goode Company is a Houston institution, and their sauce is the best I’ve ever tasted. True to the Billie Bob tradition, we applied the sauce at table, not during the cooking process. Lip-smacking good, it was.

One of these ribs is a meal. Two is an orgy. Three? It simply isn’t done, Esteemed Reader...especially after a few slices of Texas-style barbecued beef brisket as an appetizer.

Eat your heart out. (But be sure to barbecue it first.)

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