Friday, August 29, 2008


Friday! Oh, boy! Time once again for the weekly Menagerie o’ Musical Miscellany spewed directly from my Little White Choon Box.

We’ll be having a celebration this weekend, one of those Mini-Milestones of Life. Need a clue? Look below the fold.

I’m especially excited because we’ll have both Daughters d’Elisson in the house this weekend. Yes, not only is the Mistress here, awaiting her move to Nashville in about a week...but Elder Daughter herownself will be flying in from our nation’s capital!

But meanwhile, we got us some tunes to listen to. Let’s take a look at what’s playing today:
  1. Litha - Chick Corea

    From one of the definitive Chick Corea recordings: “Inner Space,” originally released as a double album on vinyl in 1966. The CD version left out two cuts so as to cram the album onto a single disc...but I still have my original vinyl copy, too.

  2. I’m All Alone - Monty Python’s Spamalot

  3. All Is Full Of Love - Björk

  4. Sea Of Holes - The Beatles

  5. Father In The Forest - Matisyahu

  6. The Orange County Lumber Truck - Frank Zappa

    Oh no
    I don’t believe it
    You say that you think you know
    The meaning of love
    You say love is all we need
    You say
    With your love you can change
    All of the hate
    All of the fools
    I think you’re probably
    Out to lunch

    Oh no
    I don’t believe it
    You say that you think you know
    The meaning of love
    Do you really think it can be told?
    You say that you really know
    I think
    You should check it again
    How can you say
    What you believe
    Will be the key to a
    World of love?

    All your love
    Will it save me?
    All your love
    Will it save the world
    From what we can’t understand?
    Oh no
    I don’t believe it

    And in your dreams
    You can see yourself
    As a prophet
    Saving the world
    Words from your lips
    I just can’t believe
    You are such
    A fool


  7. Walking Batteriewoman - Don Preston Trio

    Don Preston
    Don Preston with Project/Object, November 2003.

    Don Preston was one of the original members of the Mothers of Invention back in the 1960’s, performing and recording with Frank Zappa until 1974. He also was featured as a guest keyboardist with the Zappa tribute band Project/Object (featuring Zappa Band alumni Ike Willis and Napoleon Murphy Brock) for several shows in 2001-03...where I got to see him up close and personal. He has been called the “father of modern synthesis” in recognition of his pioneering use of electronic synthesizers in both rock and jazz.

  8. Hello, Goodbye - The Beatles

  9. Kalfou Danjere - Boukman Eksperyans

    Direct from Haiti! “Kalfou Danjere” is Haitian patois for carrefours dangereux - dangerous intersection.

  10. Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes - Modest Mouse

    Not to be confused with “City of Tiny Lights” by Frank Zappa.

It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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