Sunday, August 10, 2008


And I would be, if I had a sense of shame. But I do not.

Remember that banana bread I wrote about t’other day?

I had talked about converting it into French toast. And I still may do that. There’s a place in Savannah that serves a banana bread French toast on Sunday mornings, and it’s ridiculously good.

But the Mistress of Sarcasm came up with an idea that trumped the French toast concept, at least for now.

I should point out that the Mistress sure do love her desserts. Last time we went out to dinner, she ordered not one, but two of ’em. She shared them around, of course...but I had to admire her willingness to adapt the Nike dictum to her dessertage: Just do it.

Dessert Mistress

Why order just one when you can have two?

Her bright idea?

Take a nice thick slice of banana bread. Spread it with peanut butter (I used Super Chunky, my favorite). Then add some chocolate.

Rather than go the chocolate syrup route, I pulled out a Lindt 70% cacao semisweet bar and nuked it until it was nice and molten. Then I drizzled it over the BB&PB.

Banana Bread - Elvis Style

Elvis Hizzownself would have loved this Jacked-Up Banana Bread.

Bananas. Peanut butter. Chocolate. A three-way made in heaven.

Ooooh, baby, was that good. A little schlag might make it even better...and add another thousand calories.

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