Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This year’s Summer Olympic Games have had their share of amazing moments.

Michael Phelps has managed to pull off an unprecedented feat, winning eight - count ’em! - eight gold medals in as many swimming events.

One of those medals was won by the improbably narrow margin of 0.01 second. One one-hundredth of a second, the difference between gold and silver. And by that same slim margin, swimmer Dara Torres missed winning a gold medal in the 50 meter freestyle.

But two silvers - Torres’s final medal count - is still nothing to sneeze at...especially when you’re competing in the Olympics at the ripe old age of 41.


She Who Must Be Obeyed and I enjoyed another Olympic moment last night as we watched the women’s beach volleyball.

Ya gotta love the fact that beach volleyball is an actual Olympic sport, bikinis and all. Come to think of it, the women are wearing bikinis in more and more events. I figure that, eventually, they’ll work their way back to the style of the original Olympic games in ancient Greek times: competing in the altogether, wearing nothing but a slick, shiny layer of olive oil.

And maybe there’s room for more beach-related sports. The Women’s Suntan Lotion Application finals would be something to see...not to mention the Trying Not To Get Sand In The Frint competition. Gotta give the ratings a shot in the arm.

But back to the beach volleyball.

Last night, Brazil was competing against the United States, and suddenly SWMBO started cracking up as she watched the Brazilians return service. What was so funny? This:

Shelda Bede

Shelda Bede of Brazil spikes the ball.

It was immediately obvious that, while the Brazilian team members certainly knew their way around a volleyball court, they were a few beans short of a feijoada. Why, each part of their team uniform had to be labeled lest they put it on upside down!

But, Elisson! you will say. You dumbass! That “BRA” is not a label...it stands for “Brazil”!

Well, that’s what we thought, at first. But then we saw...

Shelda Bede - Full Monty

...the rest of the story.

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