Monday, August 11, 2008



Hakuna. Ever suspicious of the Inky Interloper.


Neighbor. “What the hell is an interloper, anyway?”

Those of my Esteemed Readers who have been wondering where Hakuna has been lately should know that she is spending a lot of time in our bedroom, avoiding the Inky Interloper - Neighbor.

Every so often, she will venture out. Inevitably, she will come into contact with Neighbor. Spitting, hissing, and yowling ensue. And seems that Hakuna will let Neighbor approach a little closer every day. So maybe there’s hope of conciliation.

Personally, I think Hakuna wakes up every day with her memory wiped. With us, she’s always been skittish in the morning, gradually growing more cuddly and friendly during the day. By evening time, she will deign to sit on the couch or bed, leaning up against She Who Must Be Obeyed...although never actually walking or sitting upon her. Come morning, we start all over again.

So I wonder whether every day, Hakuna sees Neighbor and thinks, “Damn! There’s a strange black cat in my house!” without ever realizing that it’s the same black cat that has been here every day for the past two months.

What does this mean vis-à-vis prospects for the two cats getting along? Who knows? But take a peek below the fold for a recent vignette.

Showdown at Elisson Rock
Showdown at Elisson Rock.

Hakuna, ever suspicious, sits on the landing as Neighbor s-l-o-w-l-y essays an approach in this animated composite of three images.

As we watched things unfold, the scene seemed eerily reminiscent of the climactic moments in High Noon. All that was missing was the soft jingle of spurs and the slap of hand on gun-butt. And moments after the third image was taken, Hakuna went into full-blown Puffed Out and Yowling mode.

Maybe next week they’ll be friends...but I won’t hold my breath.

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