Monday, March 14, 2005


I vant to be alone.

When I, Miss Hakuna, wish to have a little “alone time” – which is often – I will sometimes secret myself between the two mattresses of the guest room trundle bed. The Great Bifurcated Gods do not often trouble me there.

It is quiet, and it has that pleasant nest-like feeling to it, like being snuggled up next to Momma Kitty so long ago...

Until Mr. Busybody with the grubby, pokey hands comes along. Dammit, I vant to be alone!

The mysterious red dot.

And now that you’ve dragged me out of my Sanctum Sanctorum and let me cuddle up against the Leg o’ SWMBO, what the hell is this annoying red dot?

Can I eat it? No.

Can I touch it? No.

Can I smell it? No.

And since the Great Bifurcated Gods had my genitalia adjusted when I was a kitty, I do not even care to screw it.

Why, then, do I want it so much?

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