Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Bird’s Eye View hosts Edition #130 of Carnival of the Vanities this week.

Bird, AKA The Radical Centrist - he who writes Bird’s Eye View as well as the eponymous blog The Radical Centrist - is a man after my own heart. He’s a man who appreciates a fine fedora. Men in hats, out to take over the world!

And because of Bird’s appreciation of the fedora, Blog d’Elisson gets the coveted lead-off position in the Carnival. Boo-yah!

One small point: When you go to Bird’s Eye View, just be aware that there’s a quirk in the blog template that causes the main content to load below the left sidebar. You can sit there and stare at an empty page for a long time unless you think to scroll all the way down to where that left bar ends. Bird, you just might want to fix that quirk (which does not affect The Radical Centrist) - because it will tend to drive traffic off your site. Easily-frustrated blogsurfers who can’t be bothered to scroll, anyway. [This may be an artifact of my monitor at the office. At home the page loaded properly. I’m just letting you know...]

But do go and visit the Carnival. Bird has taken the time to write fairly lengthy intros to the various posts, meaning he has actually read them. Such diligence should be rewarded!

Plus, the guy wears a fedora. ’Nuff said!

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