Saturday, August 22, 2009


Q: What do you call a half-dozen Polish guys wearing turbans?

A: A pack o’ Stanleys.

- Houston Steve

Sometimes a joke, while amusing by itself, has many layers. The one above, f’r instance. It looks like a simple, stupid-ass pun on the surface... but there’s more to it.

According to our friend Johnny T., New Britain, Connecticut is famous for three things: padlocks, parking lots, and Polacks. So, in view of the wisecrack above, it would only be appropriate for New Britain to be the home of Stanley Works, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of tools and hardware. Including (presumably) padlocks.

But there’s more: in 1971, the good citizens of New Britain elected themselves a mayor. His name? Stanley Pac.

Pack o’ Stanleys, indeed.

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