Sunday, August 30, 2009


...comes this collection of Rude Caricatures.

Myron Bazarian
Myron B., music teacher.

Back in my Snot-Nose Days, I cultivated a minor talent for caricature - “minor” being the operative word. My drawings were not especially skilled in likeness or execution... but they provided a certain amount of amusement, as well as being a good way to survive a boring middle-school class or study hall.

Harold Melnick
Harold M., fearsome-looking science teacher.

My subjects, more often than not, were teachers. They were available, they were visually interesting - those wrinkles! Those odd hairstyles! - and they made especially good targets by virtue of their convenient position in front of the classroom.

Chemistry Teacher
Chemistry teacher. For the life of me, I cannot remember his name. Check out the Don Martin feet!

Was there malice aforethought in these drawings? No, no more than the usual amount of malice a student bears for Those Who Inflict Scholarly Labors. They are attempts at childish ridicule aimed at people who, seen from a more adult perspective, were not deserving of it.

I wonder whether they would consider themselves insulted or honored were they to see these pictures today.

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Patrick Coyne
Patrick C., social studies teacher.

Myron Bazarian Too
Myron B. again, in a more light-hearted moment.

Fred Hartman
Fred H., social studies teacher.

Ken Sommerman
Ken S., German teacher.

Ken Sommerman Too
The long-suffering Ken S. again.

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