Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Years ago, I learned to take Madison Avenue and its productions with a large grain of salt, thanks primarily to the kind offices of Mad Magazine.

Back in the day, Mad’s stock in trade was lampooning advertising. Toothpaste, whiskey, cigarettes - nothing was immune. But nowadays, with advertisements actually appearing in Mad, I suspect that there may be some oxen that are less likely to be gored.

Something else has changed since the 1950’s: the kinds of products being advertised. I’m sure the editors of the Mad of old would have blown a gasket at the prospect of advertisers pushing Dick Stiffening Medicaments... but that wouldn’t have stopped them making fun of them. And so, presented for your amusement: A Cialis Ad We’d Like To See.

Cialis Ad
[Click to embiggen.]

Concept from Houston Steve, he of the Twisted Intellect; artwork mine. Wotta team!

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